Helen Petersen

Helen Petersen Hi there! My name Richard Patton, the co-founder of Hairstyle Tools Website and also an author. I am a passionate beauty expert and the co-founder of Hair Style Tool Website I work tirelessly to ensure that the world has factual information when it comes to beauty and skin care. With over 15 years of experience as a skin care expert, I am more inclined towards natural skin care, which led me to develop a number of natural skin care products. I am a successful public speaker at the spa, beauty and wellness shows and I use the opportunity to share valuable information. This has made me become one of the most sought after beauty experts of our times, due to the fact that I love to stick to the factual lane and not myths.


From an early age, I knew that I wanted to become an expert in beauty. As such, I started by taking a degree course in cosmetology and later on I pursued chemistry and biological sciences, at the university. This was influenced by the fact that I was committed to developing natural skin care products. In recent years, she has also taken courses in herbology and aromatherapy, which has significantly boosted the execution of my work.

Work Experience

I have worked in quite a number of places, in the beauty and skin care industry. I later become more of an expert in public speaking and sharing tips on how to make skin care products. I often speak in most wellness and spa shows and most of my articles and tips are published in various publications. I am a skilled cosmetologist and beauty expert and tend to take my work pretty seriously. I am glad that you made an effort to stop by.